More than 40 dealers have moved from the traditional January/February time slot at Tucson to 7  April to approximately 25 April 2021. We will be at our Sun Gemstone location in Unit 7, 1801 Oracle and Lester Streets from April 7 through 25 April. We will be at our Mineral City location in Building D Unit 14, on Plata Street (one block north of Sun Gemstone) from 9 April through 25 April 2021.

We will be in Tucson from 7 April through 25 April 2021 at two locations. 

From 7 through 25 April, we will have a mix of retail “specials” and wholesale singles and lots at our Unit 7 in the Sun Gemstone complex at 1801 Oracle and Lester Streets, Tucson, 85705. Much of this material will be from new material we are prepping fom recent finds. We will also have some old collections newly prepped and released including some mixed wholesale flats. You do not need a wholesale license! We do both retail and wholesale at all our shows. We only require the normal tax resale identification and paperwork.

During 9 through 25April 2021, we will open our unit in Building C (the building designation might have changed to D) on Plata Street. Whatever the building letter, the address is 525 West Plata, Unit 14, Tucson 85705. (This is part of the Mineral City show, the north units). We will have some superb new pieces we are currently preparing of amazonite and smoky quartz, some new halites, some topaz, and many nice Colorado as well as worldwide specimens. These are mostly single specimens. Our bulk pieces will be at Unit 7 Sun Gemstone (see above.)


For both places, we plan to be open from 9AM to 5PM.   Please contact us with your wants, questions, and to set up a any special showings if you wish. If I’ve indicated I’m bringing something for you, please remind me in an e-mail so I can set it aside.

We will be open at both places with Covid protocols in place. The situation is improving and we experienced no problems during our visit during January.

Please contact us with any questions.