• Large Amazonite Smoky Quartz Combination

About Us

Pinnacle 5 Minerals is the leading producer of fine Amazonite and Smoky Quartz combination specimens and Colorado Topaz in the United States. As a family owned and operated business, Joe Dorris, his lovely wife Susan, and their three children- Scott, Tim, and Krystle, all work for the company. We have over 35 years of experience mining the Crystal Peak Mining District, Tarryall Mining District, and Mount Antero. Take a look at our mineral specimens and custom jewelry over in the shop!

The Dorris Family

Joe Headshot

Joe began collecting gems and minerals at a young age and built his hobby into a specimen mining and selling business. He is also a bench jeweler, artist, and author. Joe has been able to pass on his love for prospecting to his children and is grateful to have them share his same passion.

Susan Circle

Susan can usually be found at most mineral shows where she is always available to answer your questions. She enjoys helping Krystle with jewelry and can assist you in finding the “just right” piece of jewelry, many of which use Colorado gemstones.


Tim is known around the world for being one of best fit finders in the industry. He also is one of our heavy machine operators at the claims and one of our main pocket extractors. Tim has helped reconstruct many famous mineral specimens. His most famous work is the Smoky Hawk King, which has found a new home at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.


Krystle is a fixture at the mineral shows and specializes in finding you the perfect specimen for your collection. She also has her own jewelry line, Krystle Marie, which is available for sale on our site. Krystle is a great point of contact for our mining trips and runs our topaz claim.


Scott and Tim grew up mining with their father, and are responsible for collecting, cleaning, and repairing many of the specimens. Both sons attend gem and mineral shows whenever possible and are knowledgeable mineral dealers. Scott is currently out of the country with his career, but is looking forward to joining the company after his retirement.