A little prep before the show.

In any given season, we are able to fit-find and finish a couple of small pockets. (The larger ones may take a year or more.) Here are some photos I thought you might enjoy of some of the small pieces we are getting ready for our upcoming Tucson shows.

“Done” means they are clean, any repairs have been completed, and they have received a final wash. The small combos in the boxes are ready for labeling and pricing. You will note that we track each piece with pocket information on the larger and more spectacular specimens.

Otis is paying attention to the amarillis that should be blooming by the time we get to Tucson. (It’s a tradition.)

Hope to see you at Tucson in a few weeks, either the regular show dates or those coming up in April (See “Shows and Events”).

– Joe

Lead photo above are some amazonite specimens that were fit back together (the crystals often separate from one another shortly after crystallizing) and are being glued. (See the article in “Know This” on repairing specimens.)

Photos above show some small groups and singles of amazonite and smoky quartz.


Photo to the left shows some recent goethite specimens we have prepped. They are boxed and awaiting labels.

It’s a great feeling to get to this point. Cleaning on these pieces began four months ago.