Updating Dig Sites

  After prospecting, new sites are located and marked for future prospect digs. Today, I headed out to the Laramie Cowboy claim, one of Krystle’s claims, and checked some past reclamation and looked at sites for future work. There was a slight hesitation when we hit Crystal Creek since it had been frozen.  Fortunately, the ice had been broken. Nevertheless, it’s always a bit dicey trying to climb out the other side when there is a rim of ice.

Otherwise the day was beautiful and reminded me of why I like to get out into the woods.

My friend, Linda Burns, accompanied me for safety assurances and to lend a welcome hand.

We checked about twenty areas and selected three for future mechanized work. We also checked the progress of recovery on the three sites dug a few years back. They looked great. Nevertheless, we did some reseeding.

We also discovered a recent unauthorized dig, which I’ve gone ahead and added as a possible dig site in order to properly reclaim the area. Most of our digs are previously dug areas. We just go deeper.


Here are a couple of photos while working and a couple of photos of the areas today. Photos on left below are from operations a few years back.  Photos on right were taken November 2020.

Two digs that need attention. One was not reclaimed by former claimant and one was done by claimjumpers and abandoned. We will add these to sites for reclamation, hopefully this summer.