Seeking Two Elks Fighting NEW BOOK!

FINALLY! After three years of research and hard work, book five is at the printers. You can in fact order it. I’ve posted it on the products pages.

It was a difficult project because of the territory that Erik traverses, the historical events that took place, and the effort it took to integrate Erik’s story into the time frame and geographical region. I wrote it, similarly to the other four books in the series, to be at a cross-over level for teenager and up. Like my other novels, it deals with adult themes, but at the same time, I tried to add some adventure and action.

You can read the details on the product pages. I just wanted to introduce it here.

I also wanted to share some of the art work I did for the book. The cover painting is an oil that is 40″ x 30″. The interior illustrations are from 8 x 10.5 pen and inks. They are all based on the themes of the book. A couple are actual locations: Jughandle in Long Valley, Idaho (the painting) and Payette Lake looking at the penninsula and Ponderosa State Park. 

I haven’t included them all here, but as you can see, they can be used as art prints as well and hopefully, like the one of Jughandle, I may do some in color.

Enjoy – Joe