Tucson 2021 Jan – Feb

We made it to Tucson for the “unofficial” show from our unit in the Sungem building. I set it up so we had one half of it wholesale and one half retail. I also managed to get a couple of cases in for some of our best pieces and newly finished pieces.

There has been a fair number of people coming through. Most are sick of the weather where they are at and had to get out. Although this photograph shows snow on the Catalinas, the weather is currently warm. We have about a week remaining until we pack up and head back to Colorado Springs. Since being here, we’ve been preparing for the April show to be held 8 through 18 April. Many more of the “warehouse units” will be open  then. It appears the on-line businesses have done well restocking. We are doing okay and digging our way out of the deep hole we’ve been in.

If you are nearby, come on by. Lots of the “storage unit” outlets are currently open and will be through the 8th of February.

The best thing about all this is I’ve finally gotten to see and talk to live people. I’ve been starved for talking “rocks” and saying hi to everyone. It’s been great. We’re following all the Covid protocol and since there aren’t a lot of folks around, we haven’t really had trouble with enforcing the limit to visitors.

Check out the following photos. One shows my companion amarillas. I try every year to bring one down. Timing was good since the buds have opened. It brings a bit of spring and cheeriness.

See you in April at both Unit 7 at Sungemstone and Unit 14 at Plata Street.

Cheers – Joe