Seeking Two Elks Fighting Art Work

My newest book is in from the printers. Check out the details in “Joe’s Books.” Admid getting ready for Tucson Part II, I have managed to do watercolors on pen and ink prints of six of the twelve illustrations in my book. I do an original pen and ink drawing of some of the aspects of the story, especially of the country. My work is based on my familiarity with the region as well as some of my photographs or other reference photographs, for example, the lynx. Except for Payette Lake (above) and Jughandle, all the illustrations are general and do not depict an exact location. After I’ve completed the pen and ink, I print it on watercolor paper and do an original watercolor on print. From these works, I reprint as thank you cards, simple 8 x 10 prints, or thank you inserts.

I thought I’d share a few of the works and announce that the book is available. You can order it through my shop or just hit e-mail and send me a note. I’ll autograph for you (with names if you wish) and send a copy out. Shipping is $4 in the U.S. I’m offering the book at $22, which is $3 below publisher’s price. So total is $26.  Send your shipping address.  You can also order from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

And, now back to prepping for Tucson. We have some incredible combination amazonite and smoky quartz specimens in the final stages. Come see us in Unit 7 at the Sun Gemstone location at Oracle and Lester as well as Unit 14 in Mineral City a block north on Plata Street!