Joe’s Books: These are books I have written and illustrated. This is a series on 19th Century Central Idaho which begins in 1862 about the pioneers, Native Americans, and Chinese in the gold country. My story mostly follows twelve-year-old Erik Larson, who along with his sister, Katrine, are orphaned on their way to find a high valley (that reminds the Swedish settlers of Sweden) in pre-Idaho Territory. Samuel Chambers, who is fourteen, is introduced in Sojourner of Warren’s Camp, which is a historical account of 1871 Warren, Idaho, a gold camp. Samuel is befriended by Sing Chen, a Chinese youth.  The stories follow teenage protagonists as they come of age and eventually are caught up in the Sheepeater Indian War of 1879 (to be written.)

All the books are stand-alone since I do give adequate backstory, but the best order is Sheepeater, Katrine, Sojourner, and Salmon River Kid. All include accurate geography, historical events, and maps of the region. You can order through any bookseller online or order here, from me. I’d be honored to autograph each book, and if you want something written in it, as a gift for someone, for example, please let me know in an email. My books have received a number of honors. Katrine was one of two finalist books for the Western Writers of America spur awards for young adult. Although my stories contain adult themes, they are suitable for teens as they are written at a cross-over level (PG 13). 

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