Super Specimens: In this category, we will feature some exceptional or stand-above specimens. Most will be our amazonite and smoky quartz combinaton specimens, but we may offer worldwide pieces from time to time. These will be featured for a limited time.

To purchase one of these specimens, please do not order as a normal “product” since we cannot adjust prices, check insurance, etc. (If you do, no problem, we’ll contact you for some additional details.) Please email us regarding these specimens. We can negotiate terms (such as layaway). If it’s for resale, we may have a special discount, and if you are shipping to a Colorado address, we can exempt you from your sales tax. We also need to determine appropriate shipping methods, prices, and insurance. On the pieces we mine, we also offer a trade-up policy. They are numbered and tracked.

International customers. Contact us with an email on these pieces with your instructions and requirements. We’ll get back to you and arrange the details so we can get you your piece.