You are being provided an opportunity to visit and collect on the Qui-Buc unpatented mining claims.

You must read all information and agree to abide by the rules and safety requirements as outlined in the “amazonite claim visit” and “safety and liablity release” form. Download and print out and sign the liability release form. Scan a copy and submit to

Request a specific date or dates for your visit. You may or may not be approved. If approved, bring the scanned approval, this map, and the liability release form with you during your visit. You may be asked for this approval by Forest Service or other personnel while you are on the claims.

To request a visit, contact Joe Dorris at and receive a signed e-mail scanned permission form. The approval also allows you to open the gate and park out of sight on the mining claims. Do not block the road. Park immediately adjacent to it. Do not drive off any of the access roads onto any areas of the claims.

In receiving approval to “dig” on the Qui-Buc claims you agree to the following (in addition to general information for visits and your liability release.)

-To fill all holes that you may dig. Leave a small depression only at the top along the strike of the hole.

– Replace sod and if appropriate, small shrubs

– Do not dig under or cut any trees

– Keep rocks from rolling down slope by stabilizing them

– Bring out all trash and any other trash you might see

– Use proper restroom facilities prior to visiting the site. While on the claims use proper disposal practices according to Forest Service guidelines.

– Fill at least one additional hole that you find on site.

Be respectful of other claim owners in the area. If you accidentally are in the wrong area, get clarification from whomever you encounter and show them the map to get assistance.

No fires. No camping. Leave the claims by sundown and return at sunup (if granted more than a single day to visit.)

You must have an adequate 4WD vehicle for access. 2WD is not authorized by Forest Service in this area. 

Reminders: We may or may not be operating or available for help. You assume all risks of being in the National Forest. Bring plenty of water, a first aid kit, and sunscreen.

If you find an amazonite with smoky quartz pocket, you must notify Glacier Peak personnel. The rules for what you may keep are spelled out in “visits,” but generally you will be allowed to keep what you find, and unless it is an amazonite with smoky quartz pocket, you will not need to show us the material. You may photograph with an iPhone and submit to (private) 719 650 6177 if you have questions.

Under our mining permits, your activity is considered prospecting. As such, you are collecting only for hobby use and for your personal collection. You are not allowed to sell what you collect.

We may or may not be on our other claims operating during your visit. Unfortunately, we cannot visit.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Joe Dorris. I usually have my cell phone but cannot be reached in some areas of the forest. Try sending a message. My (private) cell phone is 719 650 6177.

Our house phone is 719 685 4479

Before or after operations, we would like to say hello. If we are at our mining house property (2124 Trail Creek Road) drop in. We will normally leave for the claims by 9AM and be up and around by 8AM. Same thing when you leave the forest. If you see our work vehicles, we are normally out by 5PM and up until 8PM.

We can also bring specimens at half price to sell if you are interested.

Joe Dorris