Tucson, Tucson, Tucson!

KrystleThe Tucson Show is right around the corner! Ohhhh Myyyy Goodnessss!

We absolutely love this time of year, albeit, very stressful during our preparations. Tucson is such an amazing time for our family because we get to reconnect with all of our friends from around the world. There definitely is no other industry like this. An industry which allows so many friendships to blossom across the world and encourages each of us on our own personal mineral collecting  journey.

One thing I will always remember, is what my Dad tells me about Tucson. He aways says, “I love how we all speak an international language; the language of minerals. We may be from different parts of the world, but we all know what beauty is. Every mineral collector has an incredible appreciation for the great lengths many go to in order to unearth these gorgeous treasures”. He sure is right!

On January 20th, Dad and I will be setting up our two rooms at The Hotel Tucson City Center located at 475 N Granada Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701. We also have some BIG NEWS!! We have changed our retail sales room location. It will be on the other side of our same building next to our friends at Kristalle. We will not be in room 182. We are now in room 175 and are set to open on Sunday, January 22nd and close on February 11th.

Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show

Our Pinnacle 5 Minerals Specials room will continue to be in room 284. Thankfully this year we are bringing our great friends, Bre and Scott, who will be assisting us in running our rooms. Both Bre and Scott are mineral lovers, field collectors, and active members of the Ft. Collins Mineral Club in Colorado. The Pinnacle 5 Minerals Specials room contains minerals marked down at least 50% off (keystone). Much of the material for sale is self mined, however, we will have worldwide specimens as well. P5 Specials is open to the public and a wholesale license number is not required. If you are a retail buyer, we will add tax like any other purchase but give you the keystone discount. Ummm can anyone say whooohoooo!!??

After we finish our initial set up, Tim will be coming down later in the week with his most recently prepped specimens and much of his client work. We will have many of these new pieces on display, but some will be by request only. Also, our lovely mom, Susan, will be coming down the week of February 1st through the 7th. I know you all love seeing both of them as much as we do. 🙂

Next, we are pleased to announce we will once again be sharing a room with Tom Spann at the Westward Look Resort located at 245 E Ina Road, Tucson, AZ 85704. Our room is located in the first building, building 21. We are in room 222, which is right below The Arkenstone. I am so excited I will be healthy enough to see you all at the Westward this year. As many of you know, I broke my neck and most of my ribs back in September. It has been a long haul, but I am so blessed to still be with you and 85% back to my normal health. And yes, I am huggable again, so I better get a lot of them!

Westward Look Poster

Tim and Dad have been working tirelessly on some incredible new specimens from our most recent available mining season. These are brand new Amazonite and Smoky Quartz combination specimens and are available in cabinet size to museum size. We will have a very special specimen available to view at the Westward by request only. This specimen has never been seen by the public and is one of our most aesthetic and breathtaking pieces.


The very talented Tom Spann of Mineral Masterpiece will once again be set up and focusing on his wonderful photography. Please feel free to stop by our room and bring your specimens to be photographed. He is such a talent! In addition, Tom will also have many of his minerals for sale and a fellow collector’s mineral collection as well. I believe this is the first time this particular collection is going up for sale to the public.


Finally, I would like to thank you all for your continued support of our family. It has been a rather hard year with our health, but we are all so grateful to once again bring what we have mined to you. It is always a true honor and we can’t wait to reconnect with you all again. I have a feeling the 2017 shows are going to be wonderful for us all.

Safe travels to you all! See you in Tucson!



2 thoughts on “Tucson, Tucson, Tucson!

  1. Hi my name is Mette Elisabeth Karlsen and I am writing to you from a small village in Norway, Scandinavia. Thank you so much for all inspirztion and learning on Prospectors, now showing on Norwegian tv. Thanks to the show we now have books about geologi, maps and great days out in the woodland around us. You have made us see what is here in a new way. For my birthday I would love to buy the necklas with amazonite USD 80. Question is, if I pre-pay, can you post it to me in Norway? Kind regards, Mette Karlsen

    • Hi Mette,

      We are so glad to hear of your new found passion for geology! Thank you for watching and supporting us! We hope you find many treasures while out looking in the woodlands of Norway. I would love to make a necklace for you and yes, I can do it for $80. Please send me an email at: info@pinnacle5minerals.com and I can talk more about money processing. Hope to hear from you soon! Warm Regards,

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