MRA=CKK 2406  AMAZONITE (white stripe) with CLEAVELANDITE 

Big Peggy Pocket, Old Man Rock (Now Smoky Hawk Mine), Florissant, Teller County, Colorado. Collected by Ray Berry

MRA=CKK  AMAZONITE with CLEAVELANDITE. Very nice specimen from the Big Peggy Pocket, near Old Man Rock, (Now Smoky Hawk Mine), 13.5 cm L x 8.5 cm W x 4.5 cm T, Florissant, Teller County, Colorado. This specimen was collected by Ray Berry (No. 2449) before the Smoky Hawk was filed. Interestingly, it was found about twenty feet northwest of the Icon Pocket on the same pegmatite swarm about 10 feet deep. Ray worked this pocket for nearly a month due to its depth and difficult collecting conditions. Specimen also has a small area of quartz psd. zinnwaldite mica. This is a spectacular specimen with no repairs.


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