Colorado topaz is one of the most difficult mineral specimens to find in quality crystals. Even a small, gemmy one is scarce. Although the Tarryall Mountains are the premiere locality in Colorado, topaz can be found coming from miarolitic pockets throughout the Pikes Peak Batholith. Most of our crystals come from Topaz Mountain Gem Mine, the name given to our two claims, which lies beneath Pilot Peak. We recover mostly abraded crystals, but occasionally one is so sharp that you’d think it came out of a pocket, except that the typical iron staining is usually gone. Except for those crystals featured here, most of our topaz is cut into gems. Although they do come in pale colors of blue and sherry (and some rare bi-color topaz), they are largely colorless. All sherry-colored topaz (no matter the locality) eventually fade in UV radiation (keep them in a drawer, except when sharing.) Our blue stones keep their color with a few actually becoming slightly bluer. You will find a few crystals in this shopping gallery. We may eventually add a section of topaz rough.